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Write a program that converts an English sentence to Pig Latin

Here is a java example that translates an English sentence to Pig Latin

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 * Translates a sentence into pig latin.
public class PigLatin {
  /** To use for input. */
  private static BufferedReader buf = new BufferedReader(
      new InputStreamReader(;
  /** Main method */
  public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    // Get a string
    System.out.print("Enter sentence: ");
    String english = getString();
    // Translate and print back out
    String latin = pigLatin(english);
   * Method to translate a sentence word by word.
   * @param s The sentence in English
   * @return The pig latin version
  private static String pigLatin(String s) {
    String latin = "";
    int i = 0;
    while (i<s.length()) {
      // Take care of punctuation and spaces
      while (i<s.length() && !isLetter(s.charAt(i))) {
        latin = latin + s.charAt(i);
      // If there aren't any words left, stop.
      if (i>=s.length()) break;
      // Otherwise we're at the beginning of a word.
      int begin = i;
      while (i<s.length() && isLetter(s.charAt(i))) {
      // Now we're at the end of a word, so translate it.
      int end = i;
      latin = latin + pigWord(s.substring(begin, end));
    return latin;
   * Method to test whether a character is a letter or not.
   * @param c The character to test
   * @return True if it's a letter
  private static boolean isLetter(char c) {
    return ( (c >='A' && c <='Z') || (c >='a' && c <='z') );
   * Method to translate one word into pig latin.
   * @param word The word in english
   * @return The pig latin version
  private static String pigWord(String word) {
    int split = firstVowel(word);
    return word.substring(split)+"-"+word.substring(0, split)+"ay";
   * Method to find the index of the first vowel in a word.
   * @param word The word to search
   * @return The index of the first vowel
  private static int firstVowel(String word) {
    word = word.toLowerCase();
    for (int i=0; i<word.length(); i++)
      if (word.charAt(i)=='a' || word.charAt(i)=='e' ||
          word.charAt(i)=='i' || word.charAt(i)=='o' ||
        return i;
    return 0;
   * Helper method to get input.
   * @return A String from stdout
  private static String getString() throws IOException {
    return buf.readLine();


$ java PigLatin
Enter sentence: I love java
I-ay ove-lay ava-jay

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